Delaware Passes Bill Making Firearms in School and Recreation Zones a Felony

Posted by GatCrank on Jul 5th 2023

We are pleased to share the latest development in Delaware's legislative landscape that aims to reinforce safety and security within our communities. Recently, the General Assembly passed House Bill 201, which introduces stringent measures concerning firearms in Safe School and Recreation Zones. As a brand committed to promoting responsible firearm ownership, we believe it is essential to examine the implications of this bill from the perspective of a pro-firearm citizen.

Ensuring Safe Zones for All

Under House Bill 201, possessing a firearm in designated Safe School and Recreation Zones is now classified as a felony, with limited exceptions for police officers, school constables, and active-duty military personnel on official duty. This legislation addresses concerns about potential threats and aims to establish safe environments for students, staff, and recreational participants alike.

Safeguarding Students and Staff

One of the primary motivations behind House Bill 201 is to provide necessary tools to law enforcement, school staff, and school resource officers in the event of an imminent threat. By restricting firearms in these zones, the legislation seeks to prevent potential harm and enable those responsible for the safety of others to act swiftly and effectively in critical situations.

Amendments and Deliberations

During the bill's review process, State Senator Brian Pettyjohn proposed several amendments, including a misdemeanor classification for first-time violations and exemption for concealed carry permit holders. Despite the amendments failing to gain traction, an important distinction was made between school zones and recreational zones, resulting in increased penalties for violations within school zones.

Balancing Rights and Safety

It is important to note that House Bill 201 does include provisions exempting holders of concealed carry permits, but only if the firearm remains within a vehicle. This balance between safeguarding zones and respecting the rights of responsible gun owners reflects a thoughtful approach to maintaining security without unduly burdening law-abiding citizens.


The passing of House Bill 201 underscores the commitment of Delaware's General Assembly to prioritize safety and protection within our schools and recreational areas. As a brand dedicated to responsible firearm ownership, we recognize the significance of regulations that strike a balance between individual rights and community well-being. We encourage ongoing dialogue and collaboration to ensure the continuous improvement of our safety measures while upholding our shared values of freedom and security.