Empowering Responsible Citizens: Join the SAFE Training by Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Posted by GatCrank on Aug 8th 2023

Empowering Responsible Citizens: Join the SAFE Training by Hernando County Sheriff's Office

Safeguarding our community is a shared responsibility, and the Hernando County Sheriff's Office is taking proactive steps to ensure citizens are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible firearms ownership. Introducing the Situational Awareness Firearms Training (S.A.F.E.), an exclusive one-day course designed for Hernando County residents who hold valid concealed weapon permits.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge and Skills

In a county boasting over 21,500 law-abiding concealed weapon permit holders, it's imperative that individuals exercising their Second Amendment rights also possess the essential understanding of firearm safety and handling. The S.A.F.E. training is a comprehensive program that covers a diverse range of topics, interactive firearms simulations, and practical instruction on the firing range. Each participant will have the opportunity to fire 100 rounds from their personally owned firearm under the guidance of certified firearms instructors from the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

Meeting Requirements for Enrollment

To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the training, certain prerequisites must be met by participants:

  • Residency: Full-time residency within Hernando County, verified through valid identification.
  • Concealed Weapon Permit: Possession of an active Florida Concealed Weapon Permit.
  • Background Check: Completion of a thorough criminal history check and confirmation of the concealed weapon permit.
  • Registration Fee: A nominal $100 registration fee (with a portion benefiting Boy Scouts of America).
  • Firearm and Ammunition: Participants must bring their personally owned firearm (limited to specific calibers) and 100 rounds of factory ammunition.

How to Register

Enrolling in the S.A.F.E. training is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit https://www.hernandosheriff.org/safe.aspx and complete the online application, including your Concealed Weapon Permit Number.
  2. Choose your preferred training date (Aug. 25, 2023) and submit your application.
  3. Await processing, during which the Hernando County Sheriff's Office will conduct a criminal history check and verify your permit.
  4. After processing, receive payment instructions via email (cash or check only).
  5. Confirm your registration upon payment receipt and receive a confirmation email with class details.

Together Towards a Safer Community

By participating in the S.A.F.E. training, you're not only enhancing your individual firearm proficiency but also contributing to a more secure Hernando County. This initiative aligns with our commitment to responsible gun ownership, knowledge dissemination, and community welfare. Join us on Aug. 25, 2023, to become a well-prepared and informed participant in the realm of firearm safety and citizenship responsibility. Stand proud as a patriot, exercising your rights with the utmost respect for liberty, freedom, and the well-being of our beloved America.