Ensuring Safety and Upholding Rights: Firearms at the Gloucester County School Board Meeting

Posted by GatCrank on Jul 18th 2023

The recent incident involving firearms at the Gloucester County School Board meeting has sparked a discussion on the rights and responsibilities of firearm owners in public spaces. The Sheriff's Office sheds light on the details of the event and emphasizes the importance of upholding safety and regulations.

Security Measures and Observations

During the board meeting, a vigilant deputy noticed five individuals entering the auditorium at the Thomas Calhoun Walker Education Center. The members of the group took their seats separately, prompting further attention from security personnel.

The deputy's keen eye

Addressing Concerns and Allegations

One of the individuals, Trevor Herrin, took to the podium during the citizen comment portion of the meeting. He raised concerns about alleged vandalism to his vehicle during a previous board session. The Sheriff's Office acknowledges his statement but emphasizes the need for caution and verification of claims before taking any action.

Investigating the alleged vandalism

Discovering Concealed Firearms

As Mr. Herrin concluded his speech and prepared to leave the podium, the deputy noticed the grip of a pistol concealed on his person. The firearm had been previously concealed by the positioning of the weapon and the hanging shirt tail. The Sheriff's Office clarifies that the visibility of the firearm was brief and unintentional.

The importance of proper concealment

Ensuring Compliance and Accountability

Upon exiting the building, the group encountered additional deputies in the parking lot. It was discovered that four of the five individuals possessed concealed firearms. Trevor Herrin, Derek Coblentz, Christopher Cordasco, and Antonio Hernandez were charged with carrying a firearm on school property. It is noteworthy that Mr. Herrin did not possess a valid concealed handgun permit.

Upholding regulations and responsible firearm ownership


The incident at the Gloucester County School Board meeting serves as a reminder of the significance of adhering to firearms laws and ensuring the safety of public gatherings. The Sheriff's Office remains committed to maintaining a secure environment while respecting the rights of law-abiding firearm owners.