Oregon Firearms Federation - Oregon's Only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization

Posted by GatCrank on Jun 25th 2023

The unimaginable debacle that this legislative session has been is not quite over.

Surrendering to HB 2005: Threats to Gun Owners

The Threat to Oregon Gun Owners: Under the current version of this bill, gun owners in Oregon could face 5 years in prison and $125,000.00 fines for the crime of having built their own firearms.

Upholding Personal Liberty: Fighting for Our Rights

A Legacy of Innovation and Personal Firearms: For centuries, Americans have been responsible for some of the greatest innovations in firearm technology, including building and modifying firearms at home. Personally manufactured firearms have always been legal, without the need for government-regulated serial numbers on personal firearms not intended for sale.

Republican Betrayal: Sacrificing Liberty for "Victory"

Questionable Actions and Inexcusable Claims: The Senate Republican leader, Tim Knopp, has now crushed personal liberty, placed gun owners in the crosshairs, and claimed it’s a massive "victory." Senator Lynn Findley's contradictory stance further exposes the absurdity of this decision.

Consequences Unveiled: Damage Done and Future Implications

A Costly Bargain: The Republican leaders' decision to fold came after significant damage had already been inflicted on most Republican Senators and Independent Brian Boquist. As a result, the best Republican Senators are no longer eligible to hold office, giving Democrats the upper hand.

The Fight Isn't Over: A Chance for Redemption

House Vote and Potential Roadblocks: HB 2005 must now go back to the House for another vote, providing an opportunity to halt this assault on gun rights. However, the House members' lack of participation in the protest raises concerns about their commitment to protecting the rights of Oregonians.

House Republicans' Dilemma: Defending Gun Rights

An Affordable Solution: House Republican members have the power to stop this atrocity by refusing to participate in the vote, without facing any personal risk. By doing so, they can save gun rights and demonstrate their commitment to the principles they claim to uphold.

The battle to protect gun rights in Oregon continues, led by the Oregon Firearms Federation. While the surrender to HB 2005 has dealt a blow to personal liberties, there is still hope for House Republicans to take a stand and give voters a reason to elect representatives who prioritize the preservation of individual rights. The fight is far from over, and as long as there are Republicans willing to defend our freedoms, there remains a chance to reclaim what has been lost.