Upholding Second Amendment Rights: Congress Reintroduces Bill to Address Firearms Safety

Posted by GatCrank on Jun 27th 2023

Rep. Debbie Dingell reintroduces legislation to grant oversight of firearms to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, aiming to address the lack of federal health and safety regulations for guns.

Empowering the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Rep. Dingell's bill seeks to give the CPSC the authority to investigate defective firearms and enforce recalls, closing the regulatory gap in the gun industry.

Addressing Public Safety Concerns

Rep. Dingell emphasizes the need for federal health and safety regulations in the gun industry, highlighting the potential risks posed to public and household safety.

Lack of Accountability

Currently, no regulatory body can investigate alleged defects or track injuries caused by firearm malfunctions, leaving victims with limited recourse. Rep. Dingell's bill aims to change this status quo.

Learning from Past Incidents

Rep. Dingell references a report on the SIG Sauer P320 pistol, which revealed numerous cases of unintended firing and resulting injuries. The bill seeks to prevent similar incidents through proper oversight.

Push for Change

Democrats in Congress, including Sen. Durbin and Reps. Kelly, Porter, and DeSaulnier, support altering consumer product safety laws to allow federal intervention in cases of defective firearms.

Repealing the Exemption

Rep. Dingell's bill proposes repealing an amendment that exempts firearms from being classified as consumer products, a measure initially introduced by her late husband.

Next Steps

The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where it will undergo further consideration and discussion. Stay tuned for updates on its progress.