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Is the GatCrank Legal?

The GatCrank at the Federal level is legal thanks to ATF Rul. 2004-5. However, several states have banned the GatCrank by name or function. Those states are as listed:

Does it fit on my gun?

The GatCrank fits on any firearms with standard FLAT or Mil-Spec trigger guards, or billet and forged uppers with a less than 1/4″ FLAT trigger guard. Any AR-15, AR-10, most AK Platforms, Mini 14, and 10/22's. It DOES NOT work on all SKS rifles.

What if I am left handed?

The GatCrank Turbo is for Right Handed shooters only. Our left handed model is currently discontinued.


All orders will ship via UPS same day if ordered before 15:00 CST, and next day if ordered after 15:00 CST.


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