Frequently Asked Questions

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Gatcrank is not affiliated with Davidson Defense in any way. They are selling a GatCrank copy cat and using our name illegally. We are sorry for the inconveniences you may face if you purchased from them but all concerns will have to be directed with Davidson on any issues with a product you purchased from them.

Is the GatCrank Legal?

The GatCrank at the Federal level is legal thanks to ATF Rul. 2004-5. However, several states have banned the GatCrank by name or function. Please check your state and local laws before purchasing.

Does it fit my firearm?

The GatCrank Turbo fits on any firearms with standard FLAT or Mil-Spec trigger guards, or billet and forged uppers with less than 1/4″ FLAT trigger guard.
The Gatcrank Turbo XL fits any firearms that have a trigger guard larger than ¼” wide. If you have a Magpull or any aftermarket trigger guard then this will be the model you need to purchase.

What if I am left handed?

The GatCrank Turbo and Turbo XL is for Right Handed shooters only. Our left handed model is currently discontinued.


All orders will ship via UPS same day if ordered before 15:00 CST, and next day if ordered after 15:00 CST. Once the product leaves our warehouse we are no longer in control of the item. Any issues with delivery or shipping will need to be handled by the shipping carrier. please contact them for any issues regarding this matter.

What if I need to return my Gatcrank?

*Return Policy*

All sales are final unless you have recieved a defective item. Contact us within fourteen days of recieving your defective item and we will get your replacement sent immediately. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify the Gatcrank needed for their firearm. See "Does it fit my firearm" section for details. If you still wish to return your Gatcrank there will be a 50% restocking fee and the item needs to be in the original packaging.


GatCrank is not inteded for use to build or "create" a machine gun. The GatCrank is not intended for super accurate firing of multiple rounds. GatCrank is not liable for any injury or harm that may be caused by misuse of both the GatCrank Turbo and GatCrank Turbo XL.

Why does the GatCrank Turbo XL only have two paddels?

The GatCrank Turbo XL was made to be more universal than its predecessor the regualar Turbo. To make this happen we were forced to create the two paddel version as the third paddle caused an issue when trying to be more univeral.