Step 1

Start Here

1. Insert Pins into L-Shaped side plate. Screw in large screw into bottom.

First Step

Step 2

Insert Cam Rod Through Side Plate.

2. Insert shoulder screw through cylinder and screw into Handle. Push on to rod, and tighten with set screws.

Second Step

Step 3

Attach Side Plate

3. Attach side plate with cam on the pins on L-Shaped side plate.

Third Step

Step 4

Install The Crank On Trigger Guard

Install the crank on trigger guard between the pins and L-Shaped bottom. Insert screws, and loosely tighten.

Making it work. Ensure the gun is unloaded and charge it.

You may need several tries before you nd where the crank works the best, but with the gun charged, two of the three cam lobes should be touching the trigger. Tighten the thumbscrew.

Turn the crank. It should re with slight resistance. If it does not engage the trigger, slid the crank forward on the trigger guard until it does.

Fourth Step