Gatcrank Pittsburgh, PA: Your Source for Legal Rapid Fire Trigger Actuators

Welcome to Gatcrank, your trusted destination for legal rapid fire trigger actuators in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We're dedicated to enhancing your shooting experience while prioritizing firearm safety. Our innovative trigger actuators, including the GatCrank Turbo and GatCrank Turbo XL, are designed to provide precision, reliability, and superior performance.

Discover the Power of GatCrank Turbo and GatCrank Turbo XL:

  • GatCrank Turbo: Equipped with three paddles, the GatCrank Turbo is designed for weapons with a mil-spec trigger guard. Experience controlled rapid firing while staying within legal boundaries.

  • GatCrank Turbo XL: Featuring two paddles, the GatCrank Turbo XL is designed for weapons with up to a 1/2 inch wide trigger guard. Enjoy precision shooting while prioritizing firearm safety.

Explore Gatcrank Online:

Visit our website,, to explore our range of legal rapid fire trigger actuators tailored for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Discover how our products can elevate your shooting experience while keeping firearm safety at the forefront.

Why Choose Gatcrank:

  • Premium Quality: Our trigger actuators are crafted with excellence, ensuring durability and consistent performance.

  • Legal Compliance: We prioritize adherence to legal regulations, offering trigger actuators that align with Pennsylvania's laws.

  • Expert Assistance: Our team of firearm enthusiasts and experts is available to provide guidance and answer your questions at every step.